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There are two main types of camps; residential camps where children stay away from home for a period of time, or day, (or urban) camps, whereby children are dropped off every morning, and collected by parents at the end of each day. 

Depending on the camp, the lunch arrangements can vary. Generally, camps based in Prague will use a local restaurant, with which we will do our best to negotiate a suitable children’s menu if they do not already provide this.

We ask that parents inform us if their children have any dietary restrictions.

For out of Prague camps where travel is required, we request that children bring packed lunches. If inconvenient to prepare each day, then there will be an opportunity to purchase them at the meeting point each day.

No. Starting this year we have first-time registration forms and multi-camp registration forms. That means you do not have to enter all the information again, just enough so we can collect particular pertinent information for that particular camp, i.e. children’s names and any relevant experience in each activity.

Parents can join their children on the Nature Discovery Summer Day Camp. They can choose to join for the whole week or certain days only. This can be detailed on each respective registration form. We think of this camps as more like a family camp rather than children’s camps.

We will also ask parents to help staff with supervision of children during the camp.

supercamps.cz will start to collect camp fees in full from 1st June 2021, as the pandemic situation has to improved to the point where we are certain that camps will run.

Discounted prices are offered for siblings & friends, and for multi-camp registrations. Details of each discounted price are published on each camp page. 

If, for example, you register two children for one camp, then you will be asked to pay the sibling price for each child. If you subsequently register for another camp, you will be asked to pay the multi-camp price for each child registered for each camp. 

Each person registering for the first time will be given a ‘discount code’ that can be passed to friends, who will be charged the same discounted sibling/friend price. If they, in turn, sign up for multiple camps, they will be asked to pay the multi-camp price.

Generally, we work with a minimum ratio of 5 children : 1 staff member.

As per our terms & Conditions :-

  • In the event of cancellation of registration by families before start of camp for any reason 100% of camp fees paid will be refunded without question.
  • In the event of child illness and subsequent withdrawal from camp, families will be refunded pro-rata for any days missed.
  • In the event of cancellation of registration by supercamps.cz, 100% of the camp fee will be refunded to all families affected.


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